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How to sleep through the night?

Sleeping between seven and eight hours is essential if we want to feel energized the day after, but it is also important that these hours are of quality, otherwise, we will wake up tired and with the feeling of not having rested enough. Many people find it difficult to fall asleep or sleep through the […]

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Our team’s favorite products: Tono Ferrer and his experience with insomnia

My relationship with insomnia has had quite a few curves. Until adolescence I had no problems falling asleep, I slept without problems and even had a hard time getting up. Then I introduced a habit that, we could say, is a small pleasure that I have: the radio. I found out how much I liked […]

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Am I under stress or anxiety? How can I definitively end it?

Stress and anxiety is the “evil” of our century. We live immersed in the midst of chaos and a super changing world that does not allow us to think about or connect with ourselves. This world that demands almost inhuman speed from us and that has made us forget the irrefutable fact that we are […]

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How to know if you suffer from insomnia? And the reasons why you should correct it immediately

Sleep is a cyclic, complex and a vital active process interacting with different hormonal and nervous systems of the organism. The well-known sleep-wake cycle is a circadian cycle (approximate duration of 24 hours) regulated by the biological clock. How to know if you suffer from insomnia? In tis article, we are going to show you […]

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Do not stay glued to the chair! Watch your health and take breaks for muscle fatigue

If you are someone who spends a lot of time sitting because of the work you do, you have to know the consequences that this can bring to your health, from muscle fatigue and related to blood circulation to severe complications such as diseases: heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, slow metabolism and obesity. Specialists recommend performing […]

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Beat depression in 5 steps

Depression is one of the evils which affect people of all ages and causes more deaths than cancer and heart disease even nowadays when psychiatric and psychological care is much more accessible.  When every day is a battle, read the following advice and beat depression in a blink. Get enough rest and sleep well While […]

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