Beat depression in 5 steps

Beat depression in 5 steps

Depression is one of the evils which affect people of all ages and causes more deaths than cancer and heart disease even nowadays when psychiatric and psychological care is much more accessible.  When every day is a battle, read the following advice and beat depression in a blink.

Get enough rest and sleep well

While depression can affect your ability to sleep try to get up early to regulate your cycle and get a better rest. Take naps whenever you need and relax at least a half hour before going to bed with an infusion of herbs like Damiana.

Keep your mind occupied

Try to resume normal activities in your work and your home and dedicate some time to a hobby that you enjoy, if you feel like it. This takes your mind off your problems and encourages health and disposition of energy in your body.


As well as you need to keep your mind working, it is also vital that you try to relax deeply. People who suffer from depression need more time to relax because it takes more time to recuperate from a regular day. Try meditation and yoga.


Exercising liberates endorphins in your body which make you feel happy and relaxed, and in addition gives you energy which is very helpful to complete your daily tasks.

Take a supplement

Try a supplement like ReConnect which contains minerals and vitamins like serine, a secondary amino acid which helps the synthesis of other essential amino acids like tryptophan which intervenes with the synthesis of serotonin which is in charge of balancing your frame of mind.

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