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Do not stay glued to the chair! Watch your health and take breaks for muscle fatigue

If you are someone who spends a lot of time sitting because of the work you do, you have to know the consequences that this can bring to your health, from muscle fatigue and related to blood circulation to severe complications such as diseases: heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, slow metabolism and obesity.
Specialists recommend performing active breaks during the working day, allowing muscles to relax and ease tensions and improve joint mobility. These pauses are short breaks that can be taken every two to three hours of continuous work and can last about 5 minutes.

Advantages of taking short breaks

The benefits of performing these active breaks have proven that to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Stimulate and promote circulation
  • Promote concentration skills
  • Reduce the risk of occupational disease
  • Reduce joint and muscle fatigue or stress.

Put it into practice

Here are some tips to implement during breaks:

  • During your workday do not stay glued to your chair. Walk, move, take the stairs
  • For an exercise to be really beneficial, movements should be smooth and unhurried.
  • Relax while you practice the chosen exercise. First, you can perform exercises to relax the body area where you feel that fatigue accumulates
  • Ideally, perform the exercise before feeling the effects of fatigue
  • You can exercise during the day in front of the computer or in a convenient place in your office, achieving a daily habit

Exercise and help yourself with a supplement

Additionally, engage in any activity that exercises the muscles it recommend to add a food supplement to your daily diet, like MagVita or  Flexivita Pro, which helps maintain your bones under normal conditions, provides flexibility and joint mobility, thereby offsetting sedentary jobs and favoring the maintenance of health and wellness.

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