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Vitamins for tiredness

There are days when waking up from bed becomes an odyssey, as soon as we open our eyes we want the day to pass quickly and so that we can go back to our bed. Lack of energy or fatigue can occur for different reasons, from insufficient sleep, anxiety, tension, loss of strength or muscle […]

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Which is Xenia’s favorite Vitae product and why?

Xenia Casado is one of our graphic designer, works every day with our products so (like almost everyone here) is absolutely in love with Vitae´s products. ”First of all, I have to confess that I do not have one favorite product but I vary according to the time of year. Since working here it is […]

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Recommended foods to prevent spring fatigue

What can we do to try to prevent spring fatigue? One of the most common situations when spring is coming is that you feel tired. To prevent spring fatigue we can start by having a healthy routine, play sports, rest, hydrate well and eat properly. Recommended foods Black Chocolate: good for generating endorphins as it […]

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Why is it advisable to exercise in the morning?

To start an exercise routine is the best you can do for your health and basically, it does not matter when you choose to work out , but there are several reasons why it is recommended to start early in the morning. As in many cases there is lack of will, it always seems a […]

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