Tema: magnesium

What is magnesium good for?

Magnesium is a mineral that is involved in muscle contraction and relaxation, helps in the transmission of nerve impulses and participates in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids. Increasingly, its deficiency is more frequent, causing a tendency to contractures, cramps and other muscle discomfort, as well as fatigue, irritability, insomnia and increased risk of […]

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5 key points of muscle pain

Musculoskeletal conditions are one of the main causes of disability in the world, they can occur at any time and difficult our day to day. There are two main groups of musculoskeletal pain, joint pain and muscle pain. In this article we will talk about the second one, the muscular one. We will go through the […]

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Essential components of the musculoskeletal system: bones, muscles and joints

The musculoskeletal system, also known as the locomotor system, is a set of organs that include the skeleton, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and other connective tissues. They work together providing shape, heat, protection and support to vital organs, as well as stability and movement to the body. It is essential to maintain homeostasis from a mechanical, […]

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Food which significantly improves imbalance of the nervous system

Let’s start at the beginning of the imbalance os the nervous system; the nervous system has the function of collecting information through sensory receptors that monitor the internal and external conditions of the organism to achieve an adequate, timely and effective interaction with the environment. These signals are transmitted to the central nervous system in […]

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About the importance of magnesium (beyond painful contractures)

Magnesium is a mineral that has gained popularity thanks to its efficacy when it comes to treating muscle aches and pains. So, we are going to clarify the importance of magnesium in our health It is one of the most abundant minerals in plants and animals and plays an essential role in a large number […]

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A complete x-ray about contractures and how to stop them

Neck pain or contractures are the order of the day. They are part of this type of new “epidemics” that have arisen as a result of the lifestyle we lead. Hours and hours sitting at the computer, bad postures, stress, lack of sleep … and a long etcetera. The good news is that there is […]

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