Tema: Digestive System

What is the intestinal flora and what is it for?

Normally after a digestive disorder, your GP recommends to restore intestinal flora. The intestinal flora is a large set of bacteria which live in our intestines. Most of them are beneficial and cause no harm. It is estimated to have about 2,000 different bacterial species, of which 100 can become harmful, but the good bacteria […]

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Probiotics or superhero bacterias, where can we find them?

When we hear the word “bacteria” the image of micro monsters attacking our body, filled with infectious diseases which cause discomfort comes to mind. To our knowledge the association we make between bacteria and disease is wrong. Not all bacteria are harmful, there are a variety of bacteria that help maintain balance within our body. […]

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Bacteria acting in favor of your intestinal flora.

The stomach is a wonderful organ whose internal environment is highly regulated, has specialized cells and gastric enzymes that help digest food better and pH suitable acid so that the nutrients we get from food can reach their destination perfectly. Yet all this requires the presence of bacteria commonly found in the stomach. When we […]

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