anti-inflammatory diet

The importance of having an anti-inflammatory diet

Logic tells us that an inflammation is visible and easy to detect, but what must be taken into account is that there are two types of inflammation, the one that is seen and the one that cannot be seen. The second is the one that, in a discreet and silent way, causes premature aging, not only of organs like the skin, but also of our cells. This can cause tiredness, fatigue, headaches, gas, generalized malaise and other complaints or more serious diseases. So, the importance of having an anti-inflammatory diet with suitable foods and ingredients.

What causes inflammation?

There are several factors which may cause inflammation, such as a diet rich in fats, dairy products, hydrogenated oils, red meats, sugars, processed foods, among others.

Alcohol, tobacco, leading a sedentary life, not sleeping well and stress, also cause systemic inflammation or what we commonly call the unseen inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory food

If we want to prevent inflammation we should have a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and fatty acids. There are many foods that have these characteristics, but some of the most famous are:

  • Garlic Aged; This food has been used since ancient times to combat the various epidemics that humanity has suffered, such as typhus, cholera, flu, etc. It has antilipidemic, antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic properties, among many others and it is a fantastic tonic for the organism.
  • Pomegranate; One of the most antioxidant ingredients that exist thanks to its large amount of polyphenols.
  • Turmeric; One of its components, curcumin, has very beneficial effects for health, ranging from its analgesic power to its anti-inflammatory power.
  • Omega 3; Numerous studies corroborate its high anti-inflammatory power thanks to the effects that its components have on our body.
  • Omega 7; Another of the omegas very beneficial for health, especially good for the skin and mucous membranes helps to keep them in good condition which translates into a generalized well-being.
  • Probiotics; Gastrointestinal health is of vital importance for the proper functioning of the body so it is vital that we pay special attention. By not having a good intestinal flora, we will not digest nutrients and food well, and in addition, remnants of this can be fermented, causing a hostile environment.
  • Chlorella algae; One of the algae with most health benefits thanks to its multiple compounds: vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, among many more.

Consuming foods with anti-inflammatory properties will help us enjoy a better state of overall health. However, not everything ends with a good diet, well-being is a consequence of different factors that must be taken into account, such as sleeping well, managing stress, having time for oneself, enjoying life, smiling. In general, to flow and try to take care of ourselves in the best possible way.

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