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What is the gut-brain-skin axis?

In recent years, a lot has been said about the relationship between the intestine-brain-skin and how a good diet and mental health can help our skin health to be in the best condition. This axis opens a big research field because it has been found that the interaction between the three organs can significantly influence health […]

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8 reflections on fatty acids by Dr. Rutllant

As we have said on some occasions, fatty acids are very important to keep our body in good condition. We talked with Dr. Helena Rutllant about those basic things we should know concerning fatty acids. What are fatty acids and what benefits do they have for our body? We could say that they are an […]

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Foods that help you think better

In today’s society, we are increasingly aware of how our diet can significantly influence our state of health. In this context, a few years ago, so-called super food became fashionable, which is nothing more than food with highly healthy properties. Within the super food concept, we find chia seeds, one of the most complete, nutritious ingredient […]

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How to program our brain

Have we ever thought we could program our brain for something? We all have gone through it at some point in our lives, obsessing with something or someone and not being able to get it out of your head. In those moments our brain seems to have ignited the autopilot without possibility of stopping. But […]

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