program our brain

How to program our brain

Have we ever thought we could program our brain for something? We all have gone through it at some point in our lives, obsessing with something or someone and not being able to get it out of your head. In those moments our brain seems to have ignited the autopilot without possibility of stopping. But why does this happen? For something as simple as that we do not like something to be left “open”. That is, many times we loop simply because we lack information, so we have a tendency that when two points are very far away something is introduced in order to manage to join them up and thus be able to close that story in our heads. So the problem is? That many times it is at all costs and the information we introduce is pure invention. One of the most popular topics of our socitity is how to know how to leave topics closed or, at least, closed momentarily.

How to avoid entering a loop?

As we have said, our brain does not like that a topic is open, that is, it does not like not having all the necessary information to be able to stay calm and in peace. That is why it is so difficult for us to endure uncertainty or silence. What can we do in these cases?

Something so simple and at the same time so difficult, it’s like programming, or fix a date and leave space in our life, like postponing it mentally. Until the date that we have set, we should not worry about the problem that comes with it. Beware that we are not desperately waiting for that day to get the information we need, because that would make us dependent. It is a matter of taking a mental break, then, when the key day arrives, we will see what information we have and then we can make a decision or another.

Sometimes anxiety play tricks on us, so the phrase we should repeat to ourselves would be something like: ” I’ll wait to have more information to make a decision. ”

Love facts and not just good reasons

According to the psychological office Inpside, what you have to value and what will help us make a decision about our problem, are the facts. Remember that doing nothing is also considered a fact. In the end, the words are just words, and they have no validity, or at least they do not have if they are not accompanied by an act that reaffirms them. What really matters is what is fulfilled.

For that reason, if someone who is not capable of fulfilling what he has committed himself to, we should put the case in quarantine so to say. So the next time we lack information about something, let’s stop, let’s set a date and once the day has come, make a decision and, thus, we can close the case.

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