Tema: allergies

Immunomodulation and allergies

With the arrival of spring, allergies arrive with much more intensity, and that is why our immune system has to be prepared. In this article we explain what immunomodulation consists of and how we can reinforce it. What is immunomodulation and what does it consist of? Immunomodulation is the ability of the immune system to […]

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How to prevent skin aging?

We spoke with one of our skin experts, Fran Ballesteros, pharmacist and Vitae educator, to explain how to prevent skin aging, why our skin ages, the role of the sun in this process and, most importantly, how we can slow it. Always from the holistic and natural point of view, trying not to go against […]

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Conscious nutrition

We are increasingly aware of the importance of the interaction of food with our body, how it influences our mood, hormones, digestive health and as a consequence our immune system (conscious nutrition). In short, we must have an overall understanding of our body and mind, and how they are interrelated with each other. In Vitae […]

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The relation between allergies and the immune system

The immune system has a main function, which is to protect the organism from pathogens. This is formed by a set of bodily processes and structures constituted by a network of cells which interact between them and with other cells and tissues. Its function is not only to protect the organism from pathogens and other […]

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Probiotics and allergies

Spring has arrived and with it the allergies! There are people who only suffer during this period of the year and anothers, due to misfortune, throughout the year. There are various types of alergies, those that have to do with food or those that are given by an external element such as pollen, for example. […]

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