probiotics and allergies

Probiotics and allergies

Spring has arrived and with it the allergies! There are people who only suffer during this period of the year and anothers, due to misfortune, throughout the year. There are various types of alergies, those that have to do with food or those that are given by an external element such as pollen, for example.

Recently it has been shown that there is a direct relationship between intestinal flora and allergies.

Intestinal microbiota

It is the bacteria that we have in the stomach and throughout the digestive system, and that each person has either more or less in a healthy quantity. In principle each of us should have a healthy intestinal flora, but imbalances from food, environment, stress etc. can alter our microbiota.

The power of probiotics

It is difficult to say if we should all take probiotics or not.  Aleix Pellejero of the technical department of Vitae tells us that a person with a healthy and balanced diet should not take food supplements. However, the WHO says that as a consequence of our lifestyle, especially the western one, there are imbalances due to food, stress or external conditions such as contamination and that, therefore, taking food supplements becomes necessary.

Aleix Pellejero emphasizes the importance of seeking balance, both in our lifestyle and in our diet, to maintain an internal environment in good conditions.

Allergies and probiotics

Probiotics help us to repopulate the microbiota thanks to the beneficial bacteria they possess.

It has been discovered that our microbiota has a very large implication in the whole immune system, especially in relation to allergies. On the one hand, the colonization of these probiotics in the digestive system helps to prevent unhealthy bacteria from taking over our intestinal flora, and on the other hand, it has also been seen that these probiotics have mechanisms that help the immune response.

At the moment, it is not possible to determine exactly what these mechanisms are since they depend on several factors, but what has been demonstrated is that patients with allergies improved their symptoms and intestinal flora.

These studies have been done with the probiotic VitaDigest, which is formulated as a dietary supplement based on 3 bacterial strains present in the human intestine and digestive enzymes.

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