Tema: aged garlic

Detoxifying nutrition

Physiologically, our body performs a detox every day of our life, therefore, it is very important to take care of our diet and nourish the body with antioxidant foods that are beneficial for our liver. When it comes to doing a detox, there are ingredients that, due to their properties, we should take into account when […]

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Revolutionary garlic

Garlic Garlic, as a medicinal ingredient, has been practically forgotten by society. The reasons can be wide, from its connection with superstition and folklore medicine (ancient civilizations believed that demons caused diseases and to get rid of them ate garlic) to social problems it can cause due to its strong smell. It is also possible […]

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Reflections on cardiovascular health

According to recent who data, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Every year more people die from any of these diseases than from any other cause. It does not all end here, it is estimated that by 2030, almost 23.6 million people will die from cardiovascular disease, mainly due to heart disease and […]

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The ultimate ingredient to prevent poor circulation

Summer has many positive aspects but might also bring some that are not so great. Some of them have to do with the heat, changes in eating habits; spending the day out walking etc. possibly causing fluid retention which is one of the main causes for swollen legs. And when we travel by plane, seated […]

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The ancestral ingredient that is back in fashion

At this point, you are probably well aware about the adverse effects that pollution and contamination can cause in our organism, as well as the possible damages that our current lifestyle can bring to our health. There is an ingredient, aged garlic, has demonstrated its detox capacity. Allergies are increasing considerably, as well as autoimmune […]

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List of good nutrients for the digestive system

The digestive system plays an all important role for the human organism, which is like preparing food for absorption, so it can be used by all the cells of our organism. This is why, and for many more reasons, it is vital to maintain good intestinal health. It is important to remember that all physical […]

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