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The ancestral ingredient that is back in fashion

At this point, you are probably well aware about the adverse effects that pollution and contamination can cause in our organism, as well as the possible damages that our current lifestyle can bring to our health. There is an ingredient, aged garlic, has demonstrated its detox capacity.

Allergies are increasing considerably, as well as autoimmune diseases or other types of more serious ailments.

We live surrounded by chemicals that inevitably penetrate our body. For this reason words like, eco friendly, green, sustainable and organic, among others, are creeping into our day to day and positioning themselves as the most remarkable trends.

As we said, urban air is full of chemicals, also heavy metals that not only abound in urban areas but also in nature. For example, mercury, in addition to being in paints and batteries, contaminates sea fish and is used in dental fillings.


In this entire context around 5,000 years ago the Egyptians discovered an ancient ingredient, garlic, and where well aware of the amazing properties of this ingredient. It has been documented that the people who built the pyramids were given garlic just to have more energy and vitality.

During the Roman Empire, Galen was known to give the gladiators garlic so they could properly manage their frequent battles.

Finally, the Greeks also gave garlic to Olympic athletes as a restorative ingredient.

The prestigious Dr. Helena Rutllant, specialist in nutrition at the Corachán Clinic in Barcelona, answered three questions about this ingredient in a past interview.


Garlic, which we all know, has fantastic and wonderful properties for our health. For years it has been ignored as a medicinal ingredient, either because of its direct relationship with the ancestral superstition that preached that in order to get rid of demons it was necessary to eat garlic. Or maybe it has been ignored because of its strong smell and the social problems it can cause.

Whatever the reason the truth is that garlic has incredible beneficial properties for our health and, if you have not already done so, you should incorporate it into your lives.

The number of scientists talking about the benefits of garlic has started to increase in recent years. More than a thousand scientific reports on the various aspects of Allium have been published, as well as several excellent articles in prestigious journals. Garlic is one of the ingredients with more studies guaranteeing its effectiveness.


As we said, garlic has many beneficial properties for our body, but broadly speaking, its most remarkable benefits are the following:

  • Bactericidal, prevents bacterial growth
  • Virucide, destroying viruses
  • Fungicide, destroying fungus
  • Vermifuge, studies show it is useful to treat worms and pinworms
  • Vasodilator, regulating blood pressure, whether you have high or low blood pressure
  • Contains antitumor substances such as allicin
  • Contributes to liver detox
  • Collaborate with the conjugation of hepatic cholesterol
  • Contains many trace elements and nutrients
  • Low homocysteine amino acid
  • It is anticoagulant, thinning blood
  • It is rich in calcium, sulphur, iodine, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc and vitamins of the B group.


One of the most remarkable benefits of garlic is its detox capacity. The process of detoxification is carried out, normally, by the liver, the largest organ of the human body. In addition to regulating sugars and metabolizing lipids and proteins, the liver detoxifies alcohol, medication and other toxic chemicals that penetrate our body. In the event that the liver cells disintegrate, the liver would lose its function and life would be in danger.

Garlic protects against liver cell injuries. This is because the components of garlic exert their protection by inhibiting the generation of free radicals and preventing the oxidation of lipid peroxides, thus serving as powerful antioxidants with a detox capacity


Aged garlic extract is produced from garlic grown organically, without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Subsequently, it undergoes an aging process for 20 months in stainless steel and cold tanks.

The most important thing to note is that this type of garlic does not repeat or produce odor, so we can consume it freely and without thinking about the side effects of conventional garlic.

As Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

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