prevent poor circulation

The ultimate ingredient to prevent poor circulation

Summer has many positive aspects but might also bring some that are not so great. Some of them have to do with the heat, changes in eating habits; spending the day out walking etc. possibly causing fluid retention which is one of the main causes for swollen legs. And when we travel by plane, seated for too long, circulation to the legs also suffers. In this article we are going to talk about a ultimate ingredient to prevent poor circulation.

The ingredient: aged garlic

There is an ingredient, known to all of us, but to which we may not pay enough attention and yet it has multiple benefits for our health. It’s about garlic. Then there is aged garlic, which would be the same but with a plus. Aged garlic is normal and ordinary garlic but has been treated in a special way to enhance its properties.

Aged garlic extract is produced from organically grown garlic. It undergoes an aging process for 20 months in stainless steel tanks and cold. During these months the beneficial properties of garlic are increased, enhancing existing assets and appearing new ones. In addition, this process ensures that it has no smell, that it does not repeat and increases digestibility.

Properties of aged garlic

Aged garlic has different properties one of which helps improve blood circulation.

There are many studies that prove the effectiveness of aged garlic in circulatory problems. It was found that this ingredient collaborates significantly in increasing circulation and improving the different symptoms associated with poor circulation.

It also helps to maintain the activity of the cardiovascular system, acting against cholesterol and as a hypotensive.

Last but not least, it helps strengthen defenses by contributing to the body’s immune function.

So you know, if you want to improve quality of life significantly, introduce this wonderful ingredient into your life, known to all but often forgotten.

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