Get off the wheel of stress and anxiety!

We have said it a thousand times, we live in an accelerated world and most of the times focused on material things. We always want more and more, which leads us, among many other things, to constantly try to achieve impossible goals, often dictated by society instead of listening to our inner voice. This situation […]

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Stress and anxiety. Trips to identify and get through them

As we have said in other articles, stress and anxiety are some of the great evils of our century and, although they are not the same, they are closely related. If stress is maintained over time, to the point of exhaustion, or anxiety feeds back and overtakes us, affecting ​​our life, we can talk about […]

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Our team’s favorite products: Tono Ferrer and his experience with insomnia

My relationship with insomnia has had quite a few curves. Until adolescence I had no problems falling asleep, I slept without problems and even had a hard time getting up. Then I introduced a habit that, we could say, is a small pleasure that I have: the radio. I found out how much I liked […]

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Am I under stress or anxiety? How can I definitively end it?

Stress is the “evil” of our century. We live immersed in the midst of chaos and a super changing world that does not allow us to think about or connect with ourselves. This world that demands almost inhuman speed from us and that has made us forget the irrefutable fact that we are animals and, […]

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Why should you detox your body? Dr. María Pérez responds

Talking about detoxification is usually used to relate to temporary and express diets. Nothing is further from reality, throughout our lives and on a daily basis we are exposed to many toxins or substances that are harmful to our body, but our own physiology is capable of trapping and eliminating them on a daily basis. […]

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Detoxifying nutrition

Physiologically, our body performs a detox every day of our life, therefore, it is very important to take care of our diet and nourish the body with antioxidant foods that are beneficial for our liver. When it comes to doing a detox, there are ingredients that, due to their properties, we should take into account […]

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