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Who is behind Vitae? Nuria Ortiz

Behind the scenes: Nuria Ortiz-Movilla, one of our educators, biologist and specialist in dermocosmetics . Active and vital, it releases energy like the most. Smart, fast and fun. Passionate about life in all its aspects, Nuria is an unstoppable one. Favourite color If I have to go neutral I would say black, grey, white or beige. […]

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Who is behind Vitae? Luisa Varela

Behind the scenes: Luisa Varela, our technical and R&D manager. A strong, confident and empowered woman. Her laughter and her positivity are capable of everything and the sweetest, most sensitive and empathic part of her makes it a real pleasure to work with her. Favourite color Blue, in all its range, I love it to decorate, […]

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Who is behind Vitae? Emilio Carrillo

Behind the scenes: Emilio Carrillo, our operations manager. Straightforward, clear and concise as well as intense and passionate, both about life and work. Always ready to help you and talk about any topic that may arise. Favorite color I like strong and vivid colors. The contrasts such as black and white or combinations of black with red, electric blue, etc., always catch […]

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Who is behind Vitae? Alba Vera Sanchez

Behind the scenes: Alba Vera Sanchez, one of the members of VITAE technical department. Pure strength, energy and vitality. Always with a smile on her mouth, she is one of those people who makes your day. Favourite color I love red but I also like white! If I have to choose it depends on how I wake up in the morning and the […]

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Who is behind Vitae? Fran Ballesteros

Fran Ballesteros, pharmacist and head of our education department. A perfectionist, hard-working, fun and charming all-rounder. He has (almost) everything and that is why everyone adores him. Favourite color That’s a hard one… I don’t think I’ve ever considered this. For clothing I prefer classic colors that are not flashy, such as blue, gray and […]

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Who is behind Vitae? Tono Ferrer

Tono Ferrer, our online manager. Calm and friendly in appearance, he likes to have his routines and moments for himself, but he is always willing to share a good time with his friends. Extroverted, easy-going and funny. Favourite color Since I was little, yellow has been my favorite color. I think it goes with my […]

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