Who is behind Vitae? Emilio Carrillo

Who is behind Vitae? Emilio Carrillo

Behind the scenes: Emilio Carrillo, our operations manager. Straightforward, clear and concise as well as intense and passionate, both about life and work. Always ready to help you and talk about any topic that may arise.

Favorite color

I like strong and vivid colors. The contrasts such as black and white or combinations of black with red, electric blue, etc., always catch my attention. However, I have a general preference towards black.

Your music and song

It is difficult for me to choose a musical style, since I have a very varied taste and it depends a bit on my mood. I really like electronic music from the 90s, eurodance also from the 80-90s and old school rap, although I also enjoy styles such as reggaeton or trap.

If it is difficult for me to choose a style, imagine choosing a song. If I have to choose a song it would be Everyday struggle by Notorius BIG and Hypnotic tango by Master B laster.

What do you do when you wake up

I’m a bit lazy when it comes to wake up so I set my alarm 40 minutes ahead of time and use that time to linger in bed . When the second alarm goes off I go straight to the shower and to work full of energy. I get up quite active so I never have coffee.

What do you do before going to sleep

Before going to bed, I usually watch an episode of my favorite series with my partner. Another option is to have dinner in bed, spend some time looking at Instagram or youtube, talk with my partner and go to sleep.

What do you do to relax

To me, nothing better than a couple of hours in the gym. Before the pandemic I went to a neighborhood gym every day, but now, after the general closure, I set up a fairly professional gym in my living room and it has become one of the best places to relax.

Another way to relax for me is to perform night walks through Barcelona’s Diagonal or by Montjuic .

Finally, I also like to play with the pc or the Play Station and read, especially history novels.

What are you passionate about

I am passionate about my work, although I know it seems like a cliché , everything related to product formulation, manufacturing optimization and pharmaceutical science in general fascinates me.

I am also passionate about practicing sport. As I have mentioned before, spend time in the gym really helps me to relax, although a football or volleyball game also helps me. In short, it could be said that I am passionate about taking life slowly, enjoying my work, as well as my hobbies.

How do you to take care of yourself

According to the WHO, health is a compendium of physical, mental and even social well-being. I couldn’t agree more with this definition!

For me, taking care of myself is paying attention to these three pillars. Physically, eat well and play sports. Mentally, enjoying activities both at work and at personal level, as well as taking life with philosophy. Last but not least, socially, taking care of my social life and  personal relationships (partner, family, friends).

In conclusion, for me, taking care of yourself is maintaining a balance between physical, mental and social well-being.

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