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Who is behind Vitae? Alba Vera Sanchez

Behind the scenes: Alba Vera Sanchez, one of the members of VITAE technical department. Pure strength, energy and vitality. Always with a smile on her mouth, she is one of those people who makes your day.

Favourite color

I love red but I also like white! If I have to choose it depends on how I wake up in the morning and the day looks like, if it is going to be an explosive day I choose red and if it is going to be a calm day I choose white.

Your music and song

I like all kinds of music! Heavy metal because of my father, but if I have to choose I like the one that makes you dance non-stop.

In the morning, to start the day, I like to listen reggaeton, it wakes me up! To finish the day I always choose something more relaxing though. My song is Nothing Else Matters by Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, it reminds me of a thousand moments in my life and above all it reminds me of my loved ones, my father, my mother and my husband.

What do you do when you wake up

I take my shower and turn on the radio, it’s my ritual.

After that, I prepare my morning coffee and I say good morning to my dogs, always in that order. I also try to share a few minutes with my husband every morning, it helps me a lot to focus my day.

What do you do before going to bed

This is the best time of day for me, it’s me time! I start my beauty routine by taking another shower and after I take care of my skin and the “creams party” begins!!! Face cream, body cream, hand cream…a whole sensory experience.

And most importantly, I try to take a few minutes to say good night to my parents and tell them that I love them, they live far away and that way I notice them closer.

What do you do to relax

Difficult to answer…I am not very good at relaxing, it is difficult for me but what helps me the most to disconnect is being with my friends and sharing a glass of a good white wine or cava. (Alba Vera loves this moment)

Being with my family and my dogs also helps me to disconnect and above all being with my nieces, Africa and Aria, being with them makes time stop and there is nothing else, I am lucky to have them.

What are you passionate about

I am passionate about the unknown, what I have not seen or experienced so far, I am passionate about knowing that I make the most of life, feeling and living, whenever I can.

As Alexander Von Humboldt said,

“I have seen a lot, but compared to what I wanted, it was very little.”

He said it shortly before he died, near his 90th birthday, and his lament could be the epitaph of any of us.

On a professional level, I am passionate about the pharmaceutical and food supplements world, they are complex worlds where knowledge never ends, it is infinite and, most importantly, I am passionate about the final objective, which is to improve people’s health.

How do you take care of yourself

From my point of view taking care of yourself encompasses many aspects, from the need to cover basic needs such as eating and resting to taking care of intelligence, our psychological health in general, our dreams and our responsibilities and obligations.

If you liked this interview to one of our technical girl (Alba Vera), you can visit our blog. There, you will find more interviews to the rest of Vitae team.

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