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Who is behind Vitae? Tono Ferrer

Tono Ferrer, our online manager. Calm and friendly in appearance, he likes to have his routines and moments for himself, but he is always willing to share a good time with his friends. Extroverted, easy-going and funny.

Favourite color

Since I was little, yellow has been my favorite color. I think it goes with my personality as I associate yellow with joy and especially with the Sun, my big passion (especially when at the beach). Although I also have to tell you that lately I really like black (maybe because of age?? hahaha). Let’s say I like the balance between day and night!

Your music and song

I am more about listening to the radio (news, debates …) than music. I like different music styles: from indie (I recommend a group from Barcelona called Verkeren) to the great all time classic songs. But if I had to stick with a musical style it would be techno for sure. I couldn’t tell you just one song but one of my favorites is One More Time (Daft Punk), Sky and Sun (Paul Kalkbrenner), Born Slippy (Underworld)… and Boig per Tu (Sau) !!!

What do you do when you wake up

I am a routine person both in the morning and at night. I am not a big sleeper so I usually wake up before the alarm rings, so until the alarm rings I usually listen the morning news on the radio. Once I get out of bed, first thing is coffee. Every day I follow the same ritual and I usually do it at the same time: get up, coffee, shower….

What do you do before you go to the bed

As I have already mentioned, I like to have a routine … and stick with it! At night I have my own routine as well. I arrive from the gym (after a long time without doing sports I have returned a year ago and I feel great), I prepare some easy dinner and I cook the launch for the next day. Then I like to watch an episode on Netflix and disconnect of the phone, work, emails, etc. I usually go to bed around 11pm, but always with the radio on. Those 20-30 minutes in bed listening to the radio before bed are the most relaxing thing to me!!

What do you do to relax

There is not one thing that relaxes me more than a whole day at the beach! I am lucky to live in a city with beach and whenever I can or have free time, I run away to the beach. A moment at the beach can make up for a bad day. Also, I like to go alone and listen music, read or just clear my mind. I also love doing sports. Since I was little I have practiced all kinds of sports, but I had not done anything for a few years. It feels great to be back!

What are you passionate about

I am passionate about sports (in general) and I have to say that I am good at them: soccer, tennis, paddle tennis, golf, basketball … and now I have started hiking! This summer I have really enjoyed the Aragonese Pyrenees (Benasque). I think it is an activity that has it all: incredible landscapes, healthy life, nature…. Another big passion is meeting my friends and spend quality time with them. I am a very social person and I always have plans to do (lately we tend to meet up for barbeque and enjoy the day outside)

How do you take care of yourself

For me, taking care of myself is synonymous with balance. It would be very easy to say that taking care of myself is eating healthy, not drinking, not smoking, doing sports…. but I don’t believe on that. Imagine that you eat healthy, you do a lot of sports, you don’t smoke and then you come home and turn everything around, emotionally you are not well, you obsess over things … is that taking care of yourself? I have gone through times of great stress at work and many worries and I really took little care of myself. But that is past and now I feel great, doing a little of everything, but above all having a balanced life!

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