Tema: urine infection

Recurrent urine infections: symptoms, causes and solutions

Recurrent urine infections are more common for women to suffer because the urethra is shorter and closer to the rectum. Therefore, it facilitates the entry of bacteria into the urinary tract. 50% of women will suffer urinary infections throughout their lives and 25% will experience a repeat infection. Most recurrences are caused by a bacteria […]

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Urine infection and sexual relations. How are they related?

Urinary infections are very common, especially in women, they can be quite annoying and painful. Having a good habit of intimate hygiene will be essential when trying to prevent and treat this type of infection. You will also have to be aware of some behaviors, such as sexual relations, that can lead to the presence […]

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Cystitis: Natural Treatments vs Antibiotics

First of all, it is important to clarify what Cystitis is, also called inflammation of the urinary bladder. It is a pathology caused by a bacterial infection that can cause pain or discomfort and can lead to a serious infection if it affects the kidneys. Cystitis is the most common disease of the urinary system […]

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