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The importance of omegas

For some time now, a lot has been said about the properties of omegas in different areas of our body: brain, heart, skin, etc. We have spoken with Arnau Vilas, member of the technical department of Vitae, researcher of agri-food technology, PhD in food science and specialist in sea ​​buckthorn about the importance of omegas and how to introduce […]

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8 reflections on fatty acids by Dr. Rutllant

As we have said on some occasions, fatty acids are very important to keep our body in good condition. We talked with Dr. Helena Rutllant about those basic things we should know concerning fatty acids. What are fatty acids and what benefits do they have for our body? We could say that they are an […]

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Five essential questions about fatty acids (cognitive development)

We have heard a lot about fatty acids. They play a super important role in cognitive development since the brain is the organ with more fat, therefore, it must be fed. Arnau Vilas, Vitae technician and researcher of agri-food technology, answers five elementary questions to understand in depth what fatty acids are and how they can […]

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