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Sun allergy: symptoms and how to prevent it

We lead such a stressful and active life that we often forget to take care of our largest organ in our body, the skin. With sun exposure, sun allergy can appear. We have been taught that taking care of it is to look younger and beautiful, but the reality is that it is mainly for […]

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Skin hydration: why it is so important

Enjoying hydrated skin is a pleasure that we should all be able to enjoy, but to do so, we must take care of ourselves inside and out. To prevent our skin from becoming dehydrated, it is important that we know the reasons why it happens and how we can avoid it. In this article we […]

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Risks and recommendations to take care of our skin from the inside out with Cristina Tabar

During summer, temperatures are high and so are the sun radiations, causing skin damage, among others. In the following interview with Cristina Tabar, a pharmacist specializing in dermocosmetics, we will talk about the risks and recommendations to take care of our skin during summer time from the inside out. What are the main risks for […]

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Who is at higher risk of developing skin cancer?

On June 13, the world day for the fight against skin cancer was established, which is why in this article we will tell you how it can be prevented and we will give you some tips to detect it in time. Skin cancer in Spain has an incidence rate of 47 cases per 100,000 inhabitants […]

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Discover how to prevent and treat dry skin effectively

At Vitae we are sure that you are a healthy and beautiful woman, both inside and out. Despite this, all the details matter, both in terms of health and aesthetics and, in this context, the skin is absolutely key. In addition to seeking emotional balance and spiritual peace, it is important that our health is […]

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Benefits of the IN&OUT routine to prevent photoaging

The damage caused by the sun in the long term can become a headache if we are talking about wrinkles or premature aging. In the following interview with Samira Marrero, a pharmacist specializing in dermocosmetics , we will talk about the power of nutricosmetics and the importance of comprehensive care through the IN&OUT routine for […]

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