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Benefits of the IN&OUT routine to prevent photoaging

The damage caused by the sun in the long term can become a headache if we are talking about wrinkles or premature aging. In the following interview with Samira Marrero, a pharmacist specializing in dermocosmetics , we will talk about the power of nutricosmetics and the importance of comprehensive care through the IN&OUT routine for the prevention of photoaging .

What is photoaging and how does it differ from natural aging ?

Photoaging is accelerated skin aging caused by our relationship with the exposome (environmental factors), sun exposure without sufficient sunscreen , or our lifestyle. It differs from chrono-aging (natural aging of the skin and according to age) in that there may be accelerated aging of the skin, which is called apparent aging of the skin and not due to age. In addition, another important difference is that photoaging can be prevented, on the contrary, natural aging cannot be prevented because it is something natural, but the process can be delayed.

What are the effects of the sun on the skin and how can it cause photoaging?

Solar radiation emits UVB, UVA, visible and infrared light. To a greater extent, UVA radiation, blue light (within the visible light spectrum) or IR emit a longer wavelength, therefore, these rays are capable of reaching the dermis. Elastic fibers are destroyed, loss of elasticity, skin dehydration and hyperproduction of melanin is stimulated , which causes photoaging .

What factors can cause photoaging?

Intense exposure to the sun without the use of sunscreen , exposure to pollution, stress, a diet rich in sugars ( skin glycation process).

What sun protection measures are most effective in preventing photoaging?

Use broad spectrum and high protection photoprotection daily and every two hours, include a nutricosmetic with antioxidant action to stop oxidative damage and also add to the daily routine the use of a topical antioxidant to reinforce the antioxidant function of the skin.

What is the importance of the IN&OUT routine for skin care?

Twincosmetics or IN&OUT is the perfect routine to prevent and delay skin aging. It is care from the inside out, that is, combining nutricosmetics (oral supplements) with cosmetics for topical use. The two are combinable and not substitutable. With the oral supplement we reinforce the topical route, since many times we do not apply a sufficient amount of photoprotector , we do not reapply or we forget to apply it in photoexposed areas .

What role do nutricosmetics play in preventing photoaging ?

They play a fundamental role. Nutricosmetics usually contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that act from the inside, reaching the innermost layers of the skin and the synergy with topical application cosmetics enhances the result for radiant and healthy skin, as well as help prevent and avoid premature aging, the appearance of spots and other conditions that photoaging generates .
An essential supplement to include in cosmetic routines to prevent premature photoaging of the skin is Oliovita Protect : an oral sunscreen with sea buckthorn oil rich in omega 7, grapefruit and rosemary extract and also vitamin D, an antioxidant combo that helps stop oxidative damage, repair and hydrate the skin .

Thank you for the incredible interview and for helping us to make visible the importance of caring from the inside!

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