Tema: oliovita intima

Vaginal dryness, what is it and how to treat it?

Vaginal dryness is one of the most characteristic symptoms of women during menopause. It happens due to the absence of natural moisture in the vagina. In normal circumstances, female arousal produces the discharge of a transparent mucus that aims to protect the vaginal walls, maintain the elasticity of that organ and provide it with a […]

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Vaginal dryness and other topics of feminine interest

We have had a very interesting conversation with Dr. Xavier Caparrós, gynaecologist, about vaginal dryness and other issues that stem from it. What is vaginal dryness? It is a type of condition that is a symptom rather than a cynical sign, as it depends on the subjective feeling of the patient. Measuring the flow level […]

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How to keep our intimate area in good condition

Yes, the female genital organ requires special care and needs not to be forgotten about. Throughout history, women have pampered and paid little attention to this fascinating and at the same time unknown body part, but just as we dedicate effort and care to other parts of the body, such as our skin, why do we […]

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