How to keep our intimate area in good condition

How to keep our intimate area in good condition

Yes, the female genital organ requires special care and needs not to be forgotten about. Throughout history, women have pampered and paid little attention to this fascinating and at the same time unknown body part, but just as we dedicate effort and care to other parts of the body, such as our skin, why do we not treat the delicate vagina the same? There is not enough space In a single article to philosophize about this, that’s why we’re going to be more practical and we’re going to give you a few tips to have the intimate area in good shape.

Special soap yes or no?

Every part of our body has its pH and obviously our vulva as well. If we use the same soap as for the body, it is most likely that nothing happens to us, but in the same way that we use a special soap for the face it is also good that we do the same with our intimate area. This way we will keep it healthy and taken care of.


Depending on our level of lubrication, we can use specific products during sexual intercourse and thus we do not force and irritate the area.

Going to the bathroom after intercourse

We’ve all heard of the myth of peeing after having sex. Totally true. It helps us to avoid a possible urine infection, since during sex some bacteria can move to the urethra.

Pay attention to the way we clean ourselves

It seems obvious but many people do it wrong. You have to do it from front to back, first starting at the back and then the front, but always in this direction.

Out of moisture

Another thing that we have surely heard a thousand times is that we always have to try to keep our intimate area dry, that is, without humidity. That is why it is advisable to dry thoroughly after showering, do not leave the wet swimsuit on etc.


We have to try, to the extent that we can, to use cotton underwear and as little as possible, especially if we tend to catch infections.

Kegel exercises

The sooner you start, the better better. Basically serves to exercise our vagina and keep your pelvic floor muscles strong and smooth.

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