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Risks and recommendations to take care of our skin from the inside out with Cristina Tabar

During summer, temperatures are high and so are the sun radiations, causing skin damage, among others. In the following interview with Cristina Tabar, a pharmacist specializing in dermocosmetics, we will talk about the risks and recommendations to take care of our skin during summer time from the inside out. What are the main risks for […]

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Photoaging: what it is and how to prevent it

Did you know that the harmful effects of the sun are perceived in the outer layers of the skin, but 90% of the damage caused to the skin occurs in the innermost layers . In addition, it is important to know that there is no healthy tan without comprehensive care that can help prevent skin […]

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How to hydrate skin and mucous membranes from within?

Skin and mucous membranes Nourishing and hydrating skin and mucous membranes is very importance to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. We have previously mentioned that one of the essential things in all beauty routines is to clean the skin but the another very important thing that we should never skip is to nourish and hydrate […]

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