Tema: intestinal flora

Laxative vs natural intestinal regulator

Many people, especially women, have problems with constipation or decomposition, which can become more acute in certain seasons of the year, mainly in summer, and in stages where copious and indigestible meals abound. Given this scenario, two solutions are proposed, broadly speaking: the use of laxatives or the so-called natural regulators of intestinal transit or, […]

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Different questions about probiotics and the digestive system

Let’s start at the beginning, explaining what probiotics are. According to the World Health Organization, probiotics are live microorganisms that, when supplied in adequate amounts, promote health benefits for the organism that receives them. In short, if they are ingested in sufficient quantities it can greatly improve our bacterial flora and immune system. Are probiotics […]

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How to take care of our intestinal health

Dr. Rutllant gives us 5 key points, each and every one of us, at some point, has felt some gastrointestinal discomfort such as flatulence, bloating, heartburn, reflux, diarrhea, constipation, etc. This type of ailments is very common in today’s society and that’s why we have talked with Dr. Helena Rutllant, responsible for our Oncology line […]

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The importance of a healthy digestive system

There is a direct relation between the digestive system and our defence system, resulting in the fact that our intestinal flora establishes our first line of defences. Bacteria in general, and those of the macro biota in particular, present on their surface polysaccharides and proteins that act as antigens and stimulate both innate and acquired […]

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A healthy intestinal flora is our first line of defence

Is the digestive system related to our immune system? The answer is yes, since our bacterial flora is our first line of defence. In fact, everything in our body is related and must be consistent. Or what is the same, homeostasis, that natural tendency of our organism to maintain the balance of its biological processes. […]

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A good intestinal flora is one of the reasons why children get less sick.

Let’s start with what is really important, our intestinal flora, the first line of defence of our body. Taking into account that the digestive system of children is not complete until age 6, more reason to know as much as possible about maintaining a healthy intestinal flora (children probiotics). The intestinal flora is composed of microorganisms […]

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