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How to strengthen defenses in children?

Strengthening the defenses of children is of vital importance for many mothers who want to give their children the best possible well-being in their day to day. Next, the pharmacist Ignacio Pujol, owner of the Jardinets Pharmacy (Barcelona), tells us how we can strengthen the defenses in children. How does a child’s immune system develop? […]

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Do your colds last all winter?

Are you the kind of person who, when the cold weather starts, always catches a cold? Many of us have accepted the fact that when temperatures drop until they start rising again we don´t feel a 100%, with that cough that never goes away and with little energy etc. That should not be the case, […]

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Product of the month: ImmunoVita® and ImmunoVita® Kids

In this article, we are going to talk about the product of the month and one of our innovative formula por defences and immune sysrtem. A natural food supplemnet based on yeast betaglucans, vitamin D3 and B6 and zinc that keeps the immune system in good condition. Thanks to its composition it helps activate the […]

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Kids´ defenses and nutrition

We talked with the nutritionist María Iglesias about kids´ defenses, nutrition and how children should eat and what foods reinforce the immune system. Maria has a diploma in dietetics and human nutrition and also has a graduate degree in herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids. She has a master’s degree in human and community […]

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The importance of keeping the intestines of children (and adults) in good condition

We have spoken with Dr. Farida Kafikova, pediatrician specializing in gastro-integrative medicine, both children and adults, about the importance of the immune system of children and how to keep it in good shape. We had a pleasant conversation in which, among other things, it became clear to me how important it is to take care […]

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