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How to treat food intolerances?

Lately, we find ourselves in a world in which food intolerances and allergies have become very frequent. It is estimated that more than 10% of the population is sensitive to gluten and more than 90% are undiagnosed. Regarding lactose, between 19% and 28% present lactose intolerance. But, let’s start at the beginning, what are food […]

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Do you know the term “Long Covid ”?

We all know COVID-19, since it appeared in our lives and began to live with us three years ago. One of the things that this virus has caused, to some people who have suffered from it, is fatigue, a constant exhaustion that makes it difficult to carry out those activities that you could do before […]

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Everything you need to know about vitamin D and its health benefits

Much has been said about vitamin D and its many health benefits. Currently there is a contradiction in society because we are constantly warned of sun damage but at the same time we are well aware of the importance of good vitamin D level. So the question is, if I protect myself from the sun I […]

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Why should we look deeper into the homeostasis concept?

Many of you might have heard about the homeostasis concept, but for a large majority it might sound like Chinese. However, this concept is of vital importance when we talk about health and well-being, since it plays a big role in the processes of our body achieving equilibrium. Homeostasis Aleix Pellejero our technical department colleague […]

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Why we should love antioxidants?

Surely,  you have are familiar with terms such as free radicals, oxidation of cells and oxidative stress by now, so you should know that the less of all this, the better.  The general state of our cells is of vital importance to be able to enjoy good health. In principle there should be no problem, […]

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Pharmaceutical advice on how to treat dry skin and mucous membranes?

We have spoken with our pharmacist (and marketing girl), Lara Mecández, to explain what dry skin and mucous membranes are, why it is produced and what care we can apply. Which are the different types of skin? There are 4 types of skin: normal, mixed, oily and dry. Each one has different characteristics, for example, […]

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