Prevent rather than cure, thanks to yeast beta-glucans

Prevent rather than cure, thanks to yeast beta-glucans

With temperature changes and the cold weather coming in, our defences may be weakened. Much has been said about ingredients that have the virtue of giving our immune system vigor and strength. One of these ingredients, yeast beta-glucans, is perhaps less known but has incredible power and efficiency when it comes to strengthening our defences.

We have spoken with Aleix Cuenca, Vitae Medical Affair Manager, to tell us everything we need to know about yeast beta-glucans.

Before we start, let’s talk about our immune system. What is its function and how does it work?

The immune system has, as its main function, to protect the organism from pathogens. This is formed by a set of bodily processes and structures linked through a complex network of cells that interact with each other and with other cells and tissues. Its function is not only to protect the organism from pathogens and other foreign substances but also to destroy infected and altered cells. The immune system prevents the development of infectious diseases contributing to maintain homeostasis or body balance.

What causes the immune system to weaken?

Not sleeping enough hours, not having an active lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle are the main pillars to weaken defences. Managing stress, having a positive attitude and social life is also important to maintain adequate defences.

Can our defences be regulated with natural ingredients?

Not all natural ingredients regulate defences, nor all defence problems can be regulated with natural ingredients. Of course, with proper diet and key ingredients, we can help our body to be well easily. One of these ingredients is yeast beta-glucans.

Tell us more about yeast beta-glucans, what can they do for our immune system?

It has been shown that yeast beta-glucans keep our defences “alert” for infection by cells called neutrophils. These cells are among the first to reach the site of infection, therefore, keeping them alert helps us to stop the infection quickly and fight its possible invasion. It has also been shown that taking beta-glucans relieves colds and seasonal allergy symptoms.

I understand that the strength of our immune system is also influenced by our lifestyle and eating habits (talk about harmful and other beneficial habits as well as good and bad foods)

Exactly, as explained before, a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet is the fundamental pillar for feeling well. Also a good hygiene routine is essential to keep possible infections at bay. It seems a cliché, but by washing our hands correctly (hand, wrist, between fingers and nails) we are lowering the probability of getting sick significantly as well.

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