Joints under control thanks to the tricks of one of our girls from the export department

As part of the company, who better than us to explain in great detail the virtues of our products? As I have said several times in Vitae we are a few geeks of food supplements and a healthy lifestyle and we try all the products. Each one of us has his list of favourites and essentials and my mission is to make you discover them.

On this occasion, Joana Cortada, one of our export girls, will talk about one of the products without which she cannot live, the FlexiVita® Pro. Here she goes!

“Since I was very small, sport has been a very important part of my life. It helps me to disconnect and relax and, besides, I really enjoy it. However, having hyperlaxity (I have excessive mobility), I have always had problems with my joints. This has involved many injuries, tendinitis, inflammations, etc. Of course, it has never taken away the desire to continue playing sports.

Being fully aware of my weak point, I had to find effective solutions to this problem and, I must admit, over the years I have learned different tricks that have helped me cope better with this situation.

The first of all is periodic acupuncture because it helps me to reduce inflammation of ligaments and tendons. I have also done many proprioceptive exercises to strengthen the whole joint and muscle, and thus avoid injuries, so I have more reinforced tissues and therefore there is less margin for excessive movement. Finally, and along the same line of tissue strengthening, I take FlexiVita® Pro every day since it not only helps me strengthen tendons and cartilage, but also, thanks to turmeric, it reduces inflammation and pain of my joints a lot.


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