Do you suffer from painful knees?

Suffering from painful knees? This is a very common symptom in people of any age. Sometimes the pain occurs suddenly and other times it starts as a minor inconvenience which intensifies over time. Here are some remedies for knee pain that requires medical intervention.

What type of pain do you feel in your knee?

In order to find out if your knee needs surgery you have to discard the following: Did you have an injury to the tendons, cartilage or ligaments? Do you suspect you had a fracture or dislocation? Do you suffer from arthritis? Does the pain get so intense that it can be serious? In these cases it is best to seek medical advice.


If your painful knees is caused by a blow, a mild inflammation or tendonitis that occurs when you use inappropriate shoes or poor posture, you can try the following remedies to solve the pain.

  1. If it is an inflammation the universal remedy is to place a cold compress on the knee using a cloth to avoid direct contact with skin. If the pain is chronic best use heat with a hot water bottle or a heating pad.
  2. Use comfortable shoes for better weight distribution and reduce the impact on the knees.
  3. Massage the knee with olive oil this will help reduce inflammation and stimulate blood circulation.
  4. Warm up some coconut oil and gently massage the knee, this oil is known for relieving joint pain.

Finally taking supplements to help you keep your joints healthy as FlexiVita Pro which helps re-mineralization cartilage favors the proper functioning of joints.

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