Why consuming cocoa can change your life

Cocoa has been one of the most stigmatized foods in society in recent decades, which directly relates to calories, sugar and poor health in general. Nothing is further from reality. One thing is milk chocolate, white and other varieties and another very different thing is pure cocoa, whether in powder, seeds, butter, etc.

The problem with chocolate bars that we find in the supermarket is that they contain many more things than cocoa. In addition, often, the ingredients they contain are refined (so the cocoa they contain is not pure) and they have a lot of added sugars and fats. That is what really makes it harmful to our health. The same goes for white and refined pasta, which is not particularly healthy, But pure cacao contains many good nutrients for our health.

Cocoa, an important source of magnesium

The benefits of this food are endless, but one of the most outstanding is that it is a powerful source of magnesium, which makes it a great solution to keep our muscles in good condition.

It is a powerful antiaging, since it is very rich in antioxidant substances such as flovanoids. Also, it helps to have a radiant skin!

But it does not end here; this wonderful ingredient also contains zinc (good for nails, skin and hair), vitamin E (ideal for scars and stretch marks), copper, phosphorus, iron and so on, and so on….

It also, it puts you in a good mood

Thanks to its ability to produce serotonin, it is a powerful antidepressant, improves our mood, minimizes the symptoms of anxiety (controls the stress hormone) and provides us with energy. Ah, last but not least, it is also indicated in cases of lack of libido.

Of course, it is very important that we consume it pure, you know that the purer the better.

So you know, to introduce this superfood in our diets!

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