benefits of vitamin c

Why vitamin C is back in fashion

We have been hearing to our mothers say all our lives that it is important to drink an orange juice every day for the simple fact that the benefits of vitamin C it contains. As a consequence, it is a great help preventing colds.

The consumption of this vitamin has been rooted in our culture for years, but recently it has become fashionable again for its multiple benefits.

The reality is that consuming vitamin C on a regular basis can be very positive for our body, as its properties go far beyond the prevention of flu and colds.

Why is so important?

Surely you are wondering why it is so important to consume this vitamin, well, first and very important, we should keep in mind that our body does not produce vitamin C and, moreover, does not store it, so we have to consume it through of food or nutritional supplements. The good news is that since our body cannot store it, we will never suffer from intoxication, as it is eliminated through urine.

Which are the benefits of Vitamin C?

First of all, vitamin C is a very rich source of antioxidants, making it a powerful anti aging. As you know, our body accumulates free radicals which we have to combat through the consumption of certain foods or food supplements. In this way we will avoid premature aging of our cells. This vitamin is also good for strengthening our immune system, prevent scurvy, lower blood cholesterol levels, help regulate blood pressure, reduce allergy symptoms, clarify and bring light to the skin, promote the healing process and we could go on and on….

How to multiply its effects?

In nature we can find many beneficial ingredients for our health, but the problem, so to speak, is that they only have a series of effects but combined with other ingredients, these effects multiply, so it is important to keep this in mind at the time of consumption. For example, vitamin C combined with green tea works together against aging, in addition providing us with energy to keep our body active.

So you now you know sone of the benefits of vitamin C and if you still are not a fan of vitamin C try it and tell us what you think of its effects.

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