The ultimate solution for a flat belly

Let’s talk clearly and directly about a topic that everyone, at some point or another, suffers: Flatulence.

This discomfort can cause feeling bloated, cramps and aches, but the above all it creates a great discomfort in general (yes, we all experience it once in a while).

In order to deal with this problem, we must first understand why flatulence appears; For the following, very simple reasons: dietary disorders, stress, eating too fast or eating certain foods which are not beneficial to our health (refined foods, sugars, fats, proteins, etc.). This results in a p our and as a consequence the food we eat ferments in our intestines. This fermentation process is what causes the much feared flatulence.

To treat this problem we can use certain remedies, such as green anise, oregano, gentian or melissa infusions, but what we should really do is  ‘attack’ the underlying problem and ask ourselves: What can be the cause which is generating this discomfort?

It is important to listen to what our body tells us. Suffering flatulence, bad digestion, bloating etc. means something is not working properly. Naturally this should not appear, except for those times when we have consumed more flatulent foods.

The definitive solution, probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes

Try to eat well, reducing saturated fats, carbonated drinks, refined sugars etc. this would also be part of the solution. But if we suffer bad digestions, flatulence, bloating etc. recurrently, we should consider taking probiotics and prebiotics (if they contain digestive enzymes even better).

On the one hand, the probiotic will contribute to our beneficial intestinal strains so that proper digestion takes place, and the enzymes will help breakdown  the nutrients that we ingest, so they become smaller and easier to digest.

And where can we find these wonderful bacteria?

Well, there are certain foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics, such as Yogurt, Kefir or fermented cabbage. It is good that we include this type of food in our diet to keep our intestinal flora healthy and safe. But to combat discomfort that goes beyond just the odd day, for example when we are taking antibiotics, when we are traveling, in case of diarrhea, constipation and any maladjustment in the digestive system, it is better to call in the aid of food supplements, which provide us the necessary amount of these microorganisms as through nutrition, we do not know the exact number we are taking, whether we need more or if our body is absorbing it correctly.


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