Sun protection

Total protection in a single gesture

We are in full heat wave and the sun’s rays surround us constantly. The sun and, especially, the summer months have many positive things; the days are longer and bright, time allows us to spend more hours outdoors and, in general, we find ourselves happier and more relaxed. It also has very positive effects on our body, vitamin D is very necessary for bone density, for the correct functioning of the immune system and even for prevention of certain cardiovascular diseases, as well as states of sadness or low overall wellbeing.

In spite of all these virtues, the sun can have a very negative impact on our health, beginning with photo-aging or premature aging of the skin, pigment pots, sunburn, wrinkles, lack of nutrition and ending in much more serious things such as, for example, melanoma.

Although we have become very aware of the dangers of the sun, we still do not fully understand the importance of protecting us properly, not only when we expose ourselves directly in the summer but 365 days a year.

Another important issue that we must take into account is that solar rays not only affect the outer layers of the skin but also do so in the deeper level of the epidermis. We talk about cell damage or oxidative stress.

So, what is the problem with sun creams?

Sun creams are a phenomenal tool that we should not stop using, but the ideal situation is that we complement it with an oral photo protector.

Keep in mind that, generally, we do not apply the sunscreen well and we also forget to re-apply it every 2 hours. A large part of the population is only protected when being exposed to the sun explicitly, that is, when they go to the beach or the pool. The effectiveness of our sun cream can be affected by sweat, water or friction. Finally, even applying topical protection we can neutralize about 55% of free radicals, but the rest will continue to damage our cells.

Oral photo protection

Oral photo protection is a type of skin protection towards UV radiation. An oral ingested food supplement that provides you with a safe tan by reducing the risks of sun rays.

Its performance behaves in different ways:

– Antioxidant

– Anti-inflammatory

– Immunemodulator

Oral photo protection is increasingly recommended by dermatologists, above all for skin of photo type 1 (the most sensitive).


– Avoid sun burns

– Avoid photo aging

– Avoid pigment spots

– Provides a most beautiful and durable tan

– Repair DNA cell damage

– Activates melanocyte generating cells


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