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Three essential products for traveling

In this article we want to propose you three essential products for traveling this summer. Some of the lucky ones are already enjoying the holidays, but for those who have not yet escaped, we want to propose three products we consider important to pack before you head off.

OlioVita Protect, total sun protection in a single gesture

It is our star product for the summer, protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the sun from within. It is the perfect complement to our sun cream since it enhances its effects and gives us a more beautiful, uniform and lasting tan.

We have received many questions about how it is possible for a capsule to protect our skin from the sun. Well, this is explained through cellular aging or what or also known as the oxidation of the organism. To put it in a simple way, the sun causes stress in our cells and therefore accelerates the aging of the skin, the appearance of pigment spots, sun burn etc. What this product does is protect us from all this with a good dose of antioxidants (the extract of grapefruit and rosemary).

In its composition we also find sea buckthorn oil, an ingredient we love and which is included in the whole OlioVita product range. It is super nutritious, moisturizing and regenerating. Last but not least, vitamin D, so necessary for the health of our body and so many people have a deficiency of.

VitaDigest with digestive enzymes, regulates your transit naturally

It is quite common that when travelling we suffer from a deregulated intestinal transit either in the form of diarrhea or constipation This is due to many factors such as change of diet, habits, water, etc. The best way to prevent and regulate this is by taking probiotics.

We have two types of probiotics, Vitadigest one per day or  Vitadigest with digestive enzymes. In the case of imbalances in transit due to natural causes or antibiotics, we always recommend Vitadigest one per day. If the reason for the problem is poor digestion, flatulence, bloating, acidity etc. then we recommend Vitadigest with digestive enzymes.

When going on a trip, it is always better to take the Vitadigest with digestive enzymes, since changes in diet and habits could affect us and result in poor digestion, as prevention is better than cure.

CalmTu Night, solves jet lag naturally

One of the disadvantages of traveling is jet lag. The changes of time zone can unbalance our body a little and, as a consequence, suffer small episodes of insomnia. It is best to take it easy and use natural products that help us regulate the sleep – wake cycle. Calmtu Night is based on passionflower, lemon balm, California poppy, melatonin and magnesium. A great combination of ingredients, which does not cause the dreaded hangover effect and gets us back on schedule naturally.

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