Tema: superfood

Why is everyone talking about the properties of avocado?

This fruit, with a shape similar to that of the pear, with thick skin and an intense green color, is considered a prodigy of nature, if we speak in health terms. For years it has been, and still is, a symbol of a healthy lifestyle and an essential food in the refrigerators of celebrities, models […]

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Foods that help you think better

In today’s society, we are increasingly aware of how our diet can significantly influence our state of health. In this context, a few years ago, so-called super food became fashionable, which is nothing more than food with highly healthy properties. Within the super food concept, we find chia seeds, one of the most complete, nutritious ingredient […]

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Detox after Christmas? This ingredient will be your best all (and we are sure you did not expect it)

After the Christmas holidays we usually feel more bloated and heavy. This is to be expected, as during the festive season we consume copious meals rich in fats and sugar. All this can cause what we commonly call toxicity in the body; hence we are hearing the word, detox after Christmas,  everywhere. There are many […]

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Red date or jujube, a superfood known as the fruit of immortality

The jujube or red date is an exotic fruit that grows in a tree of the same name, it is originally from China and for millennia have been used medicinally in various cultures. There are many varieties of this fruit (at least 400 different varieties), and its trees are extremely hardy and can flower in […]

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