fruit of immortality

Red date or jujube, a superfood known as the fruit of immortality

The jujube or red date is an exotic fruit that grows in a tree of the same name, it is originally from China and for millennia have been used medicinally in various cultures. There are many varieties of this fruit (at least 400 different varieties), and its trees are extremely hardy and can flower in extreme temperatures. The jujube is red inside and out, with a crunchy texture and a sweet to bitter taste a bit like the apple. Their skin is edible and when mature they can be stored at room temperature for a week.

Health benefits

Because of its multiple health benefits it is known as the fruit of immortality. It contains a wide range of nutrients, such as magnesium, potassium, copper, niacin, calcium, manganese, phosphorus and iron. It has more vitamin C than any fresh fruit, strengthening the immune system and fighting infections

Also known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and according to some popular beliefs, if consumed daily it helps to improve the tone and color of the skin. It is very useful in the case of skin conditions such as dryness and desquamation, in inflammatory problems and to prevent liver damage. Its extracts are also used in skin products to reduce wrinkles, relieve dry skin and treat pain from sunburn.

Jujube have the ability to help lower blood pressure, reverse liver disease, treat anemia and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

Finally, this wonderful fruit contains 18 of the most important amino acids, which help in the formation of more than 50,000 proteins in the body, one of which triggers the process to heal wounds. Now you know, get ready to eat jujubes!

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