detox after christmas

Detox after Christmas? This ingredient will be your best all (and we are sure you did not expect it)

After the Christmas holidays we usually feel more bloated and heavy. This is to be expected, as during the festive season we consume copious meals rich in fats and sugar. All this can cause what we commonly call toxicity in the body; hence we are hearing the word, detox after Christmas,  everywhere.

There are many foods that can help us to detoxify the organism, but there are some that are the panacea of ‘‘detox”, such as these algae called Chlorella that go quite unnoticed but which are a wonder of nature.

Due to its high dose of chlorophyll it is highly recommended in cases of organic acidification (poor diet, stress, smoking), bad breath and inflammation. It also helps to rebalance the intestinal flora and goes very well in case of candida or after taking antibiotics.

Chlorella contains a large amount of vitamins, such as B12 (involved in the metabolism of proteins and nerve transmission) and A (its deficiency can cause defects in vision and irritation of the skin and mucous membranes).

Finally, Chlorella is a great ally to regulate intestinal transit, so now you know, if you want to feel clean inside try this amazing superfood!

So, now you have already knew a natural food supplement to start a detox after Christmas!

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