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We know the secret to show off the best summer tan (and it’s not what you imagine)

To show a healthy skin, beautiful and without imperfections is one of the greatest beauty obsessions of the decade. Now that summer arrives, the search for a uniform and, above all, long lasting golden tan is on. The vast majority of us are well aware of how dangerous the sun can be and the precautions […]

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It’s not a myth, the sun improves our mood

As we said, the sun improves our mood, why? At last the good weather is here and with it that wonderful feeling of comfort, well-being and happiness that the sun’s rays provide. It is important to remember that whenever we expose ourselves to the sun, however little, we must protect ourselves and not only during […]

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How is and how should our relation with the sun be?

Over the years (and centuries) the relation of society with the sun has evolved. How do you think this evolution has been? Are we now more aware of the harmful effects of the sun? The beauty standards, including tanning of the skin, have varied greatly from one society to another and over time. In Eastern […]

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