Perfect tan

We know the secret to show off the best summer tan (and it’s not what you imagine)

To show a healthy skin, beautiful and without imperfections is one of the greatest beauty obsessions of the decade. Now that summer arrives, the search for a uniform and, above all, long lasting golden tan is on. The vast majority of us are well aware of how dangerous the sun can be and the precautions which must be taken to obtain its benefits without any danger. Even so, to get a perfect tan without problems (sometimes) can be complicated. Among the obstacles that we might face, in the short term, are solar allergies, dreaded pigment spots, sun burn, dry skin etc.

Is there a remedy to all of this and just get the best out of the sun?

  1. The basis for a perfect tan

Well, something as simple and basic as keeping the skin well hydrated and taken care of. The more quality our skin has, the better it will respond to the sun. Obviously this is not so simple and small problems may arise, even so, the more hydrated we are the better your skin tans. It is like makeup, if we do not have a good foundation and quality of our skin it leaves much to be desired, the outcome will not be as good as we expect.

  1. The best way to hydrate

E at well, including an abundance of fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water (if our body is dehydrated we can get to feel depressed), choose a good facial and body moisturizer, protect our skin from the sun every day and without exception and sleep well. It seems so simple but many times we find it difficult to fulfil it, so it is best to try to make it a routine and incorporate it into our life as one task more.

  1. The best anti-aging remedy

We are going to insist on a very important issue and one in which Asians have a great advantage, and that is that you have to use sunscreen every day, be it winter or summer, that is the best anti-aging remedy.

Obviously during the summer days protecting our skin from the sun should be almost an obligation, regardless of whether we have clear or sensitive skin. It is important to remember that even if your skin does not burn easily, the harmful effects of the sun affect it as well and as it has a memory, in long run, the dreaded pigment spots, wrinkles, etc. will come out.

It is also important to emphasize that sunscreen must be reapplied and that the SPF number has nothing to do with the protection, but with the time that has to pass between application and application.

As we said, the skin has memory! So every aggression and harm will eventually appear.

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