Tema: nervousness

Get off the wheel of stress and anxiety!

We have said it a thousand times, we live in an accelerated world and most of the times focused on material things. We always want more and more, which leads us, among many other things, to constantly try to achieve impossible goals, often dictated by society instead of listening to our inner voice. This situation […]

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5 tricks to fight against stress and its consequences

The word stress is no stranger to us. The reasons that can lead to suffer it can be very varied. There are several tricks you can use to fight against stress. Overwork, a complicated family situation, personal problems … All these causes can lead to stress. The good news is that stress is temporary. Its effects […]

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Passionflower: a natural relaxant

Passionflower is a plant that grows in tropical climates and their beautiful exotic flowers offer a natural spectacle in a variety of lilac and purple that resemble orchids but with a tropical attraction; besides their captivating sight, Passionflower, also known by other names such as crown of Christ, flower of passion and Maracuya. Passionflower has […]

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