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5 tricks to fight against stress and its consequences

The word stress is no stranger to us. The reasons that can lead to suffer it can be very varied. There are several tricks you can use to fight against stress. Overwork, a complicated family situation, personal problems … All these causes can lead to stress. The good news is that stress is temporary. Its effects do not go unnoticed: fatigue, loss of energy and concentration, nerves, insomnia, etc.

How to deal with stress

It does not matter if it is caused by a work situation or a family or personal problem. Stress can be the source of problems of all kinds: nerves, irritability, fatigue, digestive problems, etc. In order to deal with stress it is advisable to follow some simple guidelines. These will not only help vent and release tensions, but it will also serve to improve communication with colleagues and family. Also avoiding the feeling of fatigue and loss of energy it produces:

  • Try to control the nerves – In stressful situations, losing nerves and not reacting properly is quite frequent. First of all you have to be aware of what happens and try to control yourself. It is also important not to blame what happens. Always keep in mind that what is causing stress will disappear in a while.
  • Seeking support in other people – Talking with people who are close to you is very beneficial in these cases, both personally and work. It is convenient to have a relative or a friend or co-worker. It is important to tell what happens and ask for advice if you do not know very well how to act. In case the problem is work-related, it may also help to talk to the one in charge and explain the situation to try to find a solution.
  • Acquiring a healthy habit – The realization of some outdoor activity the focus of the problem that provides well-being is a great source of relaxation. For example, go to the gym two or three times a week. Also go out for walks with friends, practice swimming regularly, etc.
  • Take measures to neutralize the physical effects – As we have said, stress can cause fatigue. Also loss of concentration, feeling of loss of strength, etc. To counteract them, it is important to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. If these sensations are quite pronounced, add a food supplement, such as Reconnect, which among other components includes Vitamin C and coenzyme Q10.
  • Try to relax – Learning relaxation techniques can help you fight stress with less mental effort. Also the practice of some activity that forces the mind to disconnect: to do yoga or meditate for a while on a daily basis. Read a good book, play with children or sign up for classes in some activity that you enjoy doing.

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  1. You made good suggestions for coping with stress. I especially support the idea of exercising. Swimming is effective, indeed. And the significant benefit of swimming is that all people can practice it: with no good physique, elderly, pregnant women, and people with sore joints.

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