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It’s not a myth, the sun improves our mood

As we said, the sun improves our mood, why? At last the good weather is here and with it that wonderful feeling of comfort, well-being and happiness that the sun’s rays provide. It is important to remember that whenever we expose ourselves to the sun, however little, we must protect ourselves and not only during […]

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Is it possible to live in a state of permanent happiness?

We talked to the psychologist Toni Mateo about happiness, sadness and things that happen throughout life. We live in a medium that is constant, the way we spend the day collecting information (consciously and unconsciously). Depending on how we process this information, this will generate a series of emotions and thoughts that will allow us […]

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The True Secret of Happiness

The true secret of happiness. When I started writing the article for this blog, the objective was to talk about happiness, and what it is that make people happy. Over the course of several months, we have tried to share many of the secrets we know to achieve this immense goal with our readers and […]

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