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The True Secret of Happiness

The true secret of happiness. When I started writing the article for this blog, the objective was to talk about happiness, and what it is that make people happy. Over the course of several months, we have tried to share many of the secrets we know to achieve this immense goal with our readers and of course, how VITAE products can contribute to it. I thought to share with our readers, a series of phrases that frame this concept, issued by the great playwright and French philosopher Albert Guiñón: The true secret of happiness. I hope you enjoy them, and we will find many of us in some similar space.

  • “The real secret of happiness is to be very demanding with yourself but very little with others.”
  • “People who cannot be happy alone, usually choose the worst company.”
  • “The safest way to make our life happy is to make it happy for our fellow men.”
  • “True love, the one that makes us happy, is not known for what it requires but for what it offers.”
  • “In this life we have three important teachers: the happy moment, the sad moment and the difficult moment. The happy moment, shows us what we should not change. The sad moment shows us what we must change and the difficult moment teaches us that we are capable of overcoming. “

Be happy dear readers, and do not forget our last recommendation to the real secret of happiness by clicking here as happiness and health go hand in hand.

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