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Post-vacation depression

Returning from vacation can involve contradictory emotions, on one hand, returning to routine has its positive things and, on the other hand, it can generate an overwhelming feeling of apathy and melancholy, what we commonly call post-vacation depression or syndrome. Post-vacation syndrome is not a pathology as such, but rather a temporary state of readaptation […]

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The importance of the nervous system and its imbalances

The nervous system is one of the pillars of homeostasis, controlling the regulation of signals and interrelating all organic systems. Despite its importance, it should be noted that among its subsystems, self regulation is responsible for maintaining our body homeostasis, given its functions in control of involuntary signals that keep us alive. The autonomic nervous system […]

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Food which significantly improves imbalance of the nervous system

Let’s start at the beginning of the imbalance os the nervous system; the nervous system has the function of collecting information through sensory receptors that monitor the internal and external conditions of the organism to achieve an adequate, timely and effective interaction with the environment. These signals are transmitted to the central nervous system in […]

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Tips for reducing anxiety and nervousness

One of the factors that wears the body and mind down is anxiety and the problems generated by: nervousness, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, worsening of depression and overall imbalance in the body. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that allows you to reduce anxiety and nervousness to a minimum, the following tips will come […]

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Nutritional foods: Keep your table colorful

Everyone leans toward a particular color, depending on your personality and mood in that moment we tend to lean to one color or another. We associate white with purity, red with passion, energy yellow, green with hope, blue with freedom, purple with the serenity, pink with gentleness, gray with peace and black with silence and […]

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Beat depression in 5 steps

Depression is one of the evils which affect people of all ages and causes more deaths than cancer and heart disease even nowadays when psychiatric and psychological care is much more accessible.  When every day is a battle, read the following advice and beat depression in a blink. Get enough rest and sleep well While […]

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