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Nutritional foods: Keep your table colorful

Everyone leans toward a particular color, depending on your personality and mood in that moment we tend to lean to one color or another. We associate white with purity, red with passion, energy yellow, green with hope, blue with freedom, purple with the serenity, pink with gentleness, gray with peace and black with silence and sobriety.  Nutritional foods also contain them and depend on color. What should we do to keep this synchronicity between what we are, how we feel and which food we need? First of all you should not miss out on color on your table at mealtimes.

Maintaining synchronicity with food

The first step is to know what vitamins, medicinal and nutritional foods properties contains according to its color.

The second step is to alternate the food we eat and know that nature is perfect and gives us all the tools we need to keep us healthy physically.

The third step is perhaps the most complex, preserve our spiritual peace and keep our clear aura, by wearing joyful clothes and observing life of many colors.

The functional of nutritonal food:

  • Develop strong muscles, bones and teeth
  • Keep our bodies warm and give us energy
  • Keep our bodies healthy by helping our immune systems to prevent or fight disease
  • Repair or healing of injuries.

Then internalize that there is similarity between colors and colorful food, white to be the first guest at our table for health, red for youth and heart, green with the source of fiber and blood supply, orange/yellow energizing and vision, blue/purple for creativity and intuitive processes and brown to reduce anxiety and depression.

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