Herpes and immune system

How our immune system is related with herpes?

Keeping the immune system in good condition is vital to protect the body and keep our health in perfect condition. The immune system protects us from viruses, fungi, bacteria … that enter our body and is responsible for destroying infected and altered cells.

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Herpes are a very frequent viral infection among the population. It causes a rather painful injury that is characterized by a small redness that grows, itches, burns and, finally, ends up becoming a blister or ulcer. Herpes can appear for different causes, one of them is directly related to a drop in defenses. We have spoken with Aleix Pellejero, from our technical department, to explain the relationship between herpes and the immune system answering some interesting questions: does herpes weaken your immune system? can your immune system fight off herpes? does herpes affect immune system?

Why is it so important to keep the immune system in good condition? How do I know if my defenses are low?

The immune system is our army and it helps us fight any pathogens that come into our body. Stress, poor diet or not sleeping enough hours are pillars that compromise the immune system. Our biological army also needs to rest and be in top condition, ready for when it has to fight.

Does herpes make your immune system weak?

Whoever has the herpes virus, has it forever. Normally it is in a latency period, but when our immune system is in low conditions, it usually reappears, what we call an outbreak. So, the healthier and more prepared the immune system is, the better it is to keep cold sore symptoms away.

So if I keep my defenses high will I avoid herpes?

As I mentioned before, whoever is infected with this virus, will be infected for the entire life. Therefore, we can avoid symptoms by keeping our immune system healthy. Still, with our current lifestyle there are always peaks where our immune system falls. These peaks usually coincide with seasonal changes, stress or exams.

How can we increase our defenses naturally?

Maintaining an active lifestyle, doing physical activity – even if it is walking and climbing the stairs -, consuming a healthy and clean diet and getting enough hours of rest is the key to success. For vulnerable population groups or when we cannot follow these tips, we can support our body with infusions or food supplements, formulated with vitamin C, yeast beta-glucans, arabinoxylan, aged garlic, among others. All of these ingredients support our immune system.

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