muscle recovery with natural ingredients

Do you end up exhausted? Interested in finding out how to help muscle recovery?

When we do any physical exercise our bodies and especially our muscles need to regain strength and energy. If exercise has been intense it will surely produce protein destruction, depletion of our energy sources and acidification of the cellular environment, making us feel tired, fatigued, swollen and sore. The muscle recovery is one of the most important parts of our daily physical exercise.

Which natural ingredients can help with muscle recovery?

There are different ingredients, on their own, or in combination, which can help in these cases:

  • Harpagofito helps shrink the tissue and activates the microcirculation, which quickly reduces the sensation of pain and gives a sense of relief due to its analgesic effect.
  • Rosemary, like Harpagofito, helps shrink the tissue, activates the microcirculation and is known for its beneficial properties such as recovery of muscle strength, decreasing ramps and pains. For these reasons it´s especially indicated in cases of fatigue and / or weakness, at the same time exerting a gentle activating effect within circulation and a slight increase in blood pressure.
  • Allantoin helps reduce swelling due to excess fluid and inflammation. Along with Glutamine also helps muscle to recover and regenerate tissue.
  • Bamboo is a great source of silicon and very necessary for the synthesis of collagen and helps our joints rematerialize, providing a regenerative effect.

How to combine all these ingredients?

For good recovery massage it is necessary to combine all these elements which work synergistically on the affected area. Virgin olive oil and Almonds oil help the absorption of these ingredients.

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